The following unsolicited testimonials provide glowing evidence that Kalish Finest Brushes are really the very finest quality in the world today. Most of the letters that we receive are from experienced artists, including teachers, authors, and several Famous Artists such as Frank Webb and Carlton Plummer. testimonials

"You have stunned me! The sable egberts are the best long sables I have ever seen. (more... "I found a chisel brush supplier, Lettering Brushes Series 8B, [kalishbrushes@gmail.com, kalishbrushes.com] KALISH FINEST BRUSHES, make the finest brushes in the world. (more...

"Congratulations on the Kalish 2-inch Kolinsky brush. This is the brush I thought I'd never live to see, but now I have one --- Its performance is astounding. --- This brush has become the extension of my arm and my imaginative powers. It lovingly responds to the slightest impulse of heart and hand."
Frank Webb AWS DF Famous artist, author, teacher, workshops, videos, etc......PA

"I was quite pleased with the performance --- both brushes have plenty of snap! I thought the Cats Tongue was most responsive and held lots of water. It's unique shape - curved to a point - provides a flow of 'shapes from nature' when put to the paper."
Carlton Plummer AWS Noted artist (espec. Main rockbound coast), teacher.....MA

"I've used Kalish Finest Brushes for 4 years now and have no other brushes on my painting station as I've found them to be so superior in all regards that other brushes pale by comparison. As an oil painter, the "feel" of a brush is all important and until I found Harry and Ruth's brushes I dispaired ever finding the kind of brushes I used to be able to buy when I started painting 40 years ago. If you are a serious artist or just a hobbyist, you really OWE it to yourself to try these -- you'll never go back!"
Ernest Robertson Premier painter/teacher ~ Mt. McKinley & Alaska landscapes.....AK

"I am writing to tell you how very pleased I am with your brushes and service. I am a professional artist and I demand a lot from my brushes. The Kalish Brushes are first rate and perform beautifully. I no longer look anywhere but Kalish for my brushes. Thank you. A very satisfied customer."
Dean Morrissy Famous author and illustrator of childrens' books.....MA

"I was very skeptical about trying your brushes. After using a well-known brand for years, yours proved to be superior. I love your brushes - thanks!"
Rosalyn Leach Daisey Noted artist - bird carving/painting, author, etc......DE

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kalish, I received my wonderful brush and Harry's Watercolor Magic today. Of course, I just had to try them both out right away! I am blown away by the fabulous results. Your brushes are truly the Rolls Royce of Kolinsky brushes! I have tried all the famous brands and yours outshines them all. I will be replacing all my brushes as funds allow! The Harry's Watercolor Magic IS magic! I already love the improved texture of my paints when using it! What a fabulous product! Thank you for your quick service and for my new favorite products! Sincerly, Rebecca Allinson, a new customer for life!" Manchester, CT "I would like to express tremendous satisfaction with your high quality product. I am a professional artist with over 25 years experience. A special mistique glow is appearing in my work upon utilization of your superior brushes. The quality of your brushes has increased my reputation over the last five years." Linda K. Taft Dutton, MT "The other famous brands lack quality control and are always falling apart after painting a few months. The only brush that has held up over the years is Kalish kolinsky sable watercolor brush... a fine example of what a good watercolor brush should be like." Louis Legri Centreville, VA "I'm a comic artist from Italy, if you can remember me.. There are few days I'm using your amazing brushes and I can stop inking! Ah! Such a pleasure for wrist, for eyes! Wonderful lines! They carry a right amount of ink without I'm forced to pick it up so often from the pot and they never release to much or too low volume of it. They can keep the point fantastically - its incredible!!! - and give some fabulous curves! Thank you for your perfect job! Thanks to workers in Ireland. Also shipping, brushes and sale slip, was perfect. I want just say that Kalish brushes are, without doubt, "the finest brushes in the world" ! Luca Denti Nuoro, Italy "Thanks for the brushes. They are wonderful to use. I am enjoying them greatly. The #12 is a gem. Absolutely delightful!!" Paul A. Fryman Grayson, KY "Brushes are first quality as advertised." Louis Munro New Orleans, LA "The new brushes are great—the Kolinsky round especially is wonderful." Dick Cost Ft. Kent, ME "I am writing to tell you that in my many years as a designer and illustrator, I have used a number of the finest Kolinsky Sable brushes crafted, including Winsor Newton, Raphael, Isabey and Lucco. But the finest by far are the Kalish Kolinsky brushes. Their shape and responsiveness are superior. Their lasting quality is unsurpassed." Linda Funk East Blue Hill, ME "I received a Kolinsky one and a half inch brush today. This is the best wide brush I have ever used.. I am very happy with this." Akiko Yamamuro Blackburg, VA "I just got my brush order. They are so beautiful; when I ran my hands through the bristles, it made me cry." Cheri Le Clear "I believe that they are the finest brushes that I have ever used." Jacqueline Maloney Putnam, IL "I received my 3 sable brushes 2 days ago. I am so thrilled with them. I paint a lot of miniatures size 2x3 inches. It is so much easier to to push and pull the paint around the canvas." Pauline Butts Folsum, CA "I love the brushes. They make painting much easier." Rose F. Ptasynski Torrance, CA "Thank you for the beautiful brushes. I look forward to buying more soon." Cynthia Siegel Aptos, CA "I've been using sable brushes with my Vibrabrush for over 15 years. These are the best quality that I've used." Bill Williams Williams Dental Studio Jersey City, NJ "I just wanted to tell you that the brushes are MAGNIFICENT!" Michael "Just a note of thanks for the FINEST BRUSHES. Hardly a day goes by without thinking of you. Thanks." Joseph Crocifisso Helena, MT "Thank you for the brushes. They work wonderful. The size 17A-2 works just right. The staining brushes are nice too. We'll be ordering more soon." Hoard Dental Lab Great Falls, MT "Thank you the brushes are great!" Eline Barclay Addison, ME "Harry, I just got my #17A-6 and put it to use. It is terrific. The best I've used in 30 years. I was technical director for two major porcelain companies and lectured and demonstrated internationally." Craig Kielich Newport, RI "Thanks for making such a fantastic brush. I'd be lost without them. I've been using them for years. Truly amazing." Sergio Roffo Scituate, MA "Kalish brushes are the finest I've ever had the pleasure to use, bar none. My studio produces medieval illuminated manuscript style art and there is nothing better for painting faces of angels the size of match heads than a series 8 size 000. Thanks Mr Kalish for a wonderful product!" Hilarie Cornwell Chico, CA "I want to commend you on your extraordinary brushes. I have tried many other top brands and can say without a doubt that they are the best. I recently discovered your spotters. They are perfect for the very fine, precise work which I do." Susanne McGinnis New York, NY "Your brushes are supurb!" Sue Brownlow Germantown, TN "Thank you for the prompt service and the 10% teacher discount! How nice of you to give me a discount without my having to ask for it. The brushes are fabulous, but you already know that. Anyway, thank you very much for your wonderful product and service." Michelle Wilson Boulder, CO "Thank you Harry. Harry Kalish made a new series of brushes for me called, Series 8B SHORT CHISEL. I highly recommend them for all media. This brush matches the best qualities of the Fabulous 5 and Sortie series of old. The perfect brush is here again, long live the king." Don Jusko Maui, HI "Hello, I'm just saying thank you for those excellent brushes. These are amazing bristle brushes that I got from you, and have just placed an order for some sable. Thanks again. I've been spreading the word about you folks." Johnny Truant "Your brushes certainly are the finest and most responsive brushes I've ever used. Many of the techniques I teach in painting flowers, the students are unable to duplicate until they try my Kalish Spotter!" Carol Saunders Gibsonia, PA "They are wonderful brushes." John Segal New York, NY "Your brushes are excellent, the best I've ever used in dental ceramics. It's not often that I find such superior tools." Dick Mallory Mallory Dental Arts Berkeley, CA "I cannot thank you enough for what pleasure your beautiful brushes have brought someone like me. I've been painting as a professional for almost 10 years now and I have found the quality of kolinsky sable watercolor brushes to have been on the decline since I started. I have a box of 'dead soldiers' to prove it. Finally a light on the horizon! Mr Kalish's brushes are simply the finest brushes I have ever used." Bryan Collins Oradell, NJ

1996 - 2001
"Can't thank you enough - love your brushes! These are the brushes I've been looking for! They're so easy it's scary, delightful...like soaring...floating...etc."
Soni McF.....CA

"This letter is to thank you for manufacturing and marketing such a fine watercolor brush. In the past, I have tried nearly every brush on the market including W..., I..., L..., S..., G..., R..., and a few others. In the course of the years I have been painting, I have never found such quality in a brush as in your line. The fullness of the body surpasses all others, and the fine tips enable me to brush the finest detail."
Barbara C.....WA

"I've had a chance to use a few of your brushes - very nice! Thank you for making available these brushes at such modest prices. Clearly visible under a 20X loupe are the many long, tapered hairs and very few of the blunt, square-ended hairs in the body of the brush that dominate the structure of nearly all other brushes that I have seen."
Gordon M.....CA

"I LOVE my Kalish Brushes. They have wonderful balance, hold up beautifully with all my techniques, maintain gorgeous sharp points, are a dream to use, and are much superior to the Series 7 from W... You have a very happy customer for life."
Fritz P.....CA

"I've never seen such quality at any price, and artists are fortunate to have a company so dedicated to supply them with the world's best! Until I began using your brushes, I thought another brand was all I could expect... now I know better. Truly the best Old-World craftsmanship for today's artists!"
James B.....CO

"I have found your brushes delightful to use. The Designer Line (Series 7) is my very favorite, but all your brushes are consistantly the best quality I've found. The quick and personal service makes it a rare pleasure!"
Dolores H....KS

"Your Kolinsky Brushes are the finest! I have never used such a great brush. Excellent Control and Full Body. After using your brushes, my old brushes seem like blunt sticks."
Gregory M.....CA

"I'm from Canada and we were a little worried that they wouldn't get here in one piece. I can tell you that they perform just as good as ever. They are by far my favorite brushes. They're of superb quality and I wouldn't paint without them anymore. Keep up the good work!"
Bernard P.....Canada

"I could not be more pleased. They are superb! I am a portrait artist working in oil, and your brushes are just the thing for the control and fine detail I need. I'm glad I found you."
Jim S.....TN

"I've been testing fine oil brushes for the last few months. Brushes were tested from some, if not all, the finest brush manufacturers in the world. For years I have purchased brushes from retail stores asking for the best brush to do the painting job I was involved with, & paying for the best. I have found your brushes to be the BEST brush for me. The Kalish Finest Brush has the best balance, best hair, and best feel."
John V. O.....CA

"Your brushes are the finest quality that I have found. This is amazing in that they are also among the least expensive that I have found. Thank you for the great brushes."
John F.....GA

"Your Kolinsky brushes are great for Egg Tempera as well as watercolor --- I will have all of my students get them. Thanks for doing a great job on the Cats Tongue brush. And thanks for being so nice to my students."
Rose M B..... Noted Artist - well known in West, a very popular teacher teacher of WC & Egg TemperaCA

"I've been turning out my best watercolors ever. In fact, I might as well get rid of all my other brushes because there's no effect I can't create with the versatile cat's tongue. Every watercolorist should try it."

Joan E. K.....OH

"It is a rarity and a pleasure to do business with people who strongly believe in their product, with good reason I might add. Count me as an enthusiastic proponent of your (and now my) brushes."
(BR)Randy O.....MO

"These are the best brushes I ever worked with --- top notch quality and extremely reliable. My students always comment on how nicely you treat them and how helpful you are when they are ordering."
Ingrid A.....IL

"I have been an artist and a conservator for 15 years - used many brushes --- yours exhibit superior spring, holding power and shape integrity. I want to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed your brushes."
Donald L.....VA

"I have to compliment these brushes for making my detailed paintings possible! My latest commision of a racehorse crossing the finish line would have been a nightmare without my Series1 Size 1."
Joan C.....NY

"Your brushes are really excellent! --- I've been telling all other fine artists about them."
Chuck H.....FL

"I love your large Kolinsky brushes --- I can paint a full sheet WC using only the 1" Oval Wash."
Laura S.....NJ

"I love these brushes --- I am proud to promote your wonderful brushes."
Jan F.....VA

"The brushes are excellent --- I need another 4 dozen --- they sell like hotcakes in all my workshops."
Jan W.....MN

"It is as if magic happens when I use this brush --- it is as though the brush knows what to do and does it all by itself --- it is truly amazing --- tried others- wasn't satisfied."
Betty M.....NM

"I love your beautiful Designer brushes --- I can actually draw with the long point."
Pat F.....CT

CONT. "You have stunned me! The sable egberts are the best long sables I have ever seen. There is nothing else like them on the market anywhere. The shrimpy ASW pointed sable filberts don’t even come close. For the price your sable egberts are an amazing steal!. Your long sable flats are also an amazing value. Dick Blick makes a lesser quality smaller long flat. But there is, again, no comparison. Yours wins hands down. There is simply no other company making anything like the long sable flats in the large sizes you offer. As for your excellent mongoose flats…ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Not only are they superior to every other mongoose I have tried, they are less expensive than several of them. The closest I can compare them to is Longneck Royal Sable Flats. However the Langickles have to break in for awhile before they lose all they hairs they want to spit out. Yours are perfect right from the start. And your price is very reasonable. And the badger blenders are another amazing find. They truly don’t make badger blenders like this anymore. I have been using the same badgers I purchased 15 years ago. Now I have another brush that equals the old Luco blenders at a fraction of the cost. I am truly flabbergasted by the quality and value of your brushes. I will be buying many many more of them! Thanks! Chris Kolupski"

Christian Kolupski Exhibiter, Attended Art Students League, Director of Boxart Street Atelier School...... NY CONT. I found a chisel brush supplier, Lettering Brushes Series 8B, 1-800-322-5254, brushes@att.net KALISH FINEST BRUSHES, make the finest brushes in the world. These are the Series of brushes, the round ferrule with a chisel end. They are the second basic style of brushes. First the pointed end, then the flat end. The two ways brushes were made since the first brushes were made. And there isn't a good flat chisel end brush to be bought anywhere. The lettering Series with longer hair to pull a straight line are available from the lettering sites, but not the shorter stocker brush that can change directions and still fill the mark. It can 'square in' corners and take less paint to change colors then longer floppier sizes. This is very sad; artists don't realize that they need these brushes -they are just taking what they are given, 2005. This style of brush is used in every painting I do. These are my finishing brushes and they are 20 years old. I am getting desperate to replace them. On 6-13-06 I got an email from a girl reading how I was searching the world to replace my Langnickle "Shorty" Series brushes. The only ones left were in my working collection. She sent me to Kalish Finest Brushes. Wow, I was impressed and ordered their Kolinsy Series 8A Lettering Brushes. I agreed, they are the finest in the world. I asked him to make a series that were shorter, stiffer and fuller, using my existing brushes as samples. He had them made. On 7-3-06, Harry Kalish called me saying he had and was sending me my brushes. This brush series is now called Series 8B SHORT CHISEL. I can't wait to test them. 11-22-6, Kalish Kolinsky Sable Chisel Brushes. The Series 8B is complete, #1 to #8. They are perfect for watercolor! I tested them all today and am proud and very happy." Don A. Jusko Noted Artist, Teacher, Creater of The Real Color Wheel ! Maui, Hawii Don's Amazing Website Don's Bio Page (incl Cuban MissleCrisis)