Harry's Magic Watercolor Wakeup

Why do many experienced watercolor artists and teachers start a painting session by putting out fresh paint from the tube? Isn't this expensive? You bet, especially considering the cost of watercolors these days. The answer is obvious - itís better!

Watercolor (gouache too) is reversible. Water can be added repeatedly to the dried-up paint on your palette and you can paint with the solution. However, the result will never be the same as using fresh paint from the tube. This is because adding more water dilutes the vehicle! Painting with this diluted mixture is noticeably less than ideal. Perhaps the most annoying aspect is brushing, which is not smooth like color from the tube, but more granular!

Harry's Magic Watercolor Wakeup solves this problem. It is a specially-balanced mixture of the ingredients found in all watercolor paint. These include: a binder (gum arabic), a plasticizer (glycerin), a wetting agent, and preservatives.

Put a few drops on a dried-up color and wait a few minutes. The color will be transformed to tube-like consistency and smooth brushing will be possible again --- like magic!

We make this product as a service for our brush customers.
You can add a bottle to your brush order......$4.50 for a 2oz dropper bottle.