This beautiful white-pony slant brush is an excellent tool  for applying 
eye shadow. Its soft hair and rounded corners make it ideal for soft 
contouring and blending.

ES3 EYE SHADOW This excellent black-pony oval brush is used to apply and blend eye shadow with ease. It is especially smooth for coloring the eyelid area. $9.00 ES4 EYE SHADOW This very short round black-pony brush is used to apply eye shadow. It is especially useful for detail and for creating a professional smoky-eye effect. $9.60 TA4 TAPERING This almond-shaped black-pony brush is excellent for applying and contouring eye shadow. It can also be useful for blending colors. $11.40 BL6 BLUSH This large domb-shaped black-pony brush is used for coloring the cheeks. Its beautiful soft hair and large shape make it ideal for giving cheeks a natural flush look. $10.20 PD7 POWDER This very large domb-shaped black-pony brush is used to dust powder on the face or body. It is extremely soft and smooth for producing a natural look that is sheer and even. $25.80 FD9 FAN DUSTER This fan-shaped white-pony brush is very useful for dusting a soft wash of color onto the face or body. It can pick up powder for general dusting, or can be used to cover shines. $12.00

EL1 EYE LINER This small finely-pointed sable brush is used to line the eyes. The fine attributes of pure sable hair provide excellent control for making precise and uniform lines. $3.60 EL3 EYE LINER This brush is exactly the same as our EL1 brush, but is slightly larger for creating lines that are a bit heavier. $4.80 BP2 BROW POWDER This finest ox-hair slant brush is used for lining, shading, or shaping the eye and eyebrow. The slightly stiffer nature of fine ox-hair provides better control in working with eyebrows. $6.00 LB7 LIP BRUSH This finest red sable flat brush is used for applying and blending lipstick or lipgloss. It is also useful in contouring the lips for definition and fullness. $5.40
HL7 HIGHLIGHTER This finest red sable wide, flat brush is used for application, contouring, or highlighting. The fine sabel hair enables soft smooth application. $14.40
DB2 DETAIL BRUSH This versatile oval brush, made of fine synthetic hair, is used for small-area coverage and precise application. It can also be useful as a concealer or eye shadow brush. $4.20 SH8 SHADER This large oval brush, made of fine synthetic hair, is very useful for general shading. It can also be used as a foundation or eye shadow brush. $14.40 BL1 BROW & LASH This nylon combination brush-and-comb is used for brushing and shaping the eyebrows, and for combing the eyelashes. It is an essential tool to any brush set. $8.40

Many of our brushes are made with the finest top quality Pony Hair. The special combination of softness and firmness of this hair makes it an ideal choice for cosmetic brushes. Our Finest Red Sable brushes are made with the very finest quality Pure Red Sable Hair from Siberia. They are beautifully soft and surprisingly resiliant. Our Ox-Hair brushes are made with the finest Light-Ox Hair. This hair, also used in our fine violin varnish brushes, provides a bit more stiffness than the usual softer hair brushes. A few of our brushes are made with Badgerlon, a popular two-tone synthetic. For some applications, this hair is superior to natural hair.